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Cleveland Wheels and BrakesCleveland Wheels & Brakes

Cleveland is the gold standard for wheels and brakes, and as soon as they’re installed on your airplane, you can turn your attention to other things. Whether they’re on a Sukhoi or something a bit more vintage, Rick has always sworn by his Clevelands. That’s because he knows of their 75-plus years of experience and commitment to engineering and manufacturing excellence. Settle for no less than the performance, reliability and serviceability of Cleveland Wheels and Brakes.

Parker StratoflexParker Stratoflex

Low level aerobatics at full power generate extreme temperatures and pressures, and the failure of a hose assembly can be catastrophic. Is it any different with your aircraft? Rick uses Parker Stratoflex aerospace hose assemblies because like you, he can’t leave them to chance. Rubber or Teflon®, hydraulic or pneumatic, fuel or oil, any size, any fitting, braided, fire sleeve and special configurations… The recognized leader has the FAA certified hose you can rely on.

Swift Fuel Swift Fuels

Swift Fuels has teamed up with Rick Volker to test their unleaded aviation gasoline products in Rick’s airplanes. This suite of lead-free aviation gasoline products looks to ensure a more environmentally-friendly future for general aviation.

Goodyear Aviation Tires Goodyear Aviation Tires

Whether Rick is flying modern or vintage high performance aircraft, a lot is at stake when the rubber meets the runway. Some choices are easy, and Rick has chosen Goodyear. The maker of the first aviation tire is also first in innovation and the first choice of pilots and mechanics the world over. Performance plus safety plus durability equals Goodyear Aviation Tires.

Concorde Concorde Battery

Concorde makes the most reliable battery in aviation. Rick had had zero issues with his RG series AGM batteries, and that’s how we like it! Make your battery a non-issue and upgrade to Concorde… the heart of your aircraft.

Champion AerospaceChampion Aerospace

Champion Aerospace manufactures the most respected and comprehensive spark plug line in the industry. Never a company that rests on its reputation, Champion continues to offer improved plug choices like the REM37BY for our Pratt & Whitney and Jacobs radials, and the RVL38S fine wire direct replacement optimized for the Vendeneyev M-14P and Huosai radials. We love having Champion performance, reliability and availability with these plug and play replacements.

WingX Pro 7WingX Pro7

It’s hard to believe how quickly the iPad has proliferated aviation, and WingX Pro7 from Hilton Software is the most sophisticated and feature-rich application of its type available. It serves up a menu of airliner-like features like synthetic vision, and it fits in Rick’s cramped cockpits. When combined with AHRS and ADS-B options, the safety and convenience of WingX Pro7 is truly astounding!


Sagetech’s Clarity ADS-B receiver leverages the most advanced technology to deliver all of the features pilots want in a compact, integrated package. The challenges of bringing weather, traffic, navigation and attitude information into our aerobatic and vintage cockpits have vanished with the Clarity SV. All of these data streams appear wirelessly and simultaneously on one screen to get Rick and his crew home safely after the show.


There are many oil additives, but only ASL CamGuard enjoys such widespread acceptance from so many, including mechanics, airshow pilots and the FAA. The proof has been delivered by way of independent testing and anecdotal evidence, and Rick is a believer! Let CamGuard protect you and your investment.

Cleveland Wheels and BrakesKannad Aviation

When Rick decided he wanted the safety of an ELT during cross-country flights, we did a lot of research. For features, build quality and reputation, we came up with the same preference each time: The Kannad Integra. With internal 406 Mhz and GPS antennas, alarm buzzer and power, this airliner-tough unit can send beacon signals and position information even if all connections to it are compromised.

Aloft TechClarity Aloft

makes the only headset that stays on Rick’s head throughout his entire routine. Even in high-G maneuvers, the mass is insignificant. Although the noise reduction is entirely passive, it is as effective as ANR headsets, but without their quirks. In addition, the microphone is the most intelligible that Rick has used in the Sukhoi’s noisy environment.

Hope Aero Hope Aero

Hope Aero sells and services every major brand of propeller, and a visit to their shop near Toronto confirms that fact. Rick’s life literally hangs on his prop, and he trusts Hope Aero to prepare it for the stresses of his radical routine. Good to go.

Aircraft SpruceAircraft Spruce

 Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company carries everything a pilot could need, including aircraft parts and pilot supplies, and always at the lowest prices.

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